Is Your Business Surviving or Thriving?

Because you are ready to increase your business profits

Do you want a business where your people come to work each day, do their job and go home? They don't think much about how they can help the company make money. They don't care that much?

Or, do you want a business where every one of your team members is acting like a business partner?

Well, if you want to increase your business profits and have a highly successful business, then your team needs to be like the second team not the first. What's more, if you're leading a team more like the first than the second ... the good news is that it's not difficult to make the transformation. 

Watch the video below or read on to see how we can help your team to identify hundreds of thousands of potential cost-savings and revenue opportunities that are just being dripped down the drain right now!

Ready to transform your business and your life?

Explore how this one-day training will help you and your team be the rockstars of your industry

It's soul destroying and frustrating!

You spend way too many hours worrying about how to increase your business' profits and margin. 

Your people aren't focused on the bottom line!


       You've got better things to do than worry about the bottom-line

And here's the problem

if your people are coming to work NOT thinking about how

they can help to make and save money you have a ...

go-to-work culture

When you have a go-to-work culture

you'll be 

leaking $$ AND lost opportunities

to stop the leak ...

 you need a business-partner culture

Let's test the culture in your business ....

Go and ask 3 people in your team these 3 questions:

  • What are the top 5 ways that our business makes (or loses money)?
  • What's the difference between profit and cash (And why is it important to closely monitor both?)
  • If we discount our products by 10% how much will that impact our profitability?

Let's hope you aren't dismayed by the answers!

Watch out, if the answer to the last question is 10% ... 

that one small misunderstanding could be costing you

thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of $ every year

Would you like a potential $723,425
boost to your bottom-line?

That's exactly what this small, independent school on the Gold Coast, Queensland has had happen since we introduced their team to business-partner thinking

You've got to love an ROI like this!

So far, this program has provided this school with a whopping 6,426% ROI - and we see results like this all the time!

What difference would it make if you could increase your business profits like this?

When you've got business-partner thinking

  • Profits will flow faster
  • Your and your team will achieve remarkable results
  • You'll spend fewer days stressed and more days making the dent in the universe you're meant to!

The lack of business understanding in our Team was having a serious impact on our culture. We wanted to grow a shared responsibility for the growth of our business.

We contacted Shelley, and as part of a bigger culture re-design project, we ran our first Zodiak training last year (2018).

The impact on sharing the responsibility was extraordinary and we have since made a decision that it was so valuable it is now a permanent part of our onboarding program. 

Best R.O.I we have ever had!

Valerie Campbell-Hogg

Silkwood School

Ready to transform your business and your life?

Explore how this one-day training will help you and your team be the rockstars of your industry

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